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What is different about this facility?

The principle difference between this facility and other Local Government and Private facilities in Southend is that it is proposed, operated, managed and maintained for the community by the community, where self-help not dependency is practised. Capital to build will be sourced from the private and public purse; and day to day by combining several longstanding, local community based clubs and organisations in a first class facility with built in community capacity, the scheme will play a key role in activating the community.

Governance of the facility will fall to a new Community Based Organisation, Garon Park Community Interest Company, whose Board of local volunteers will be taken from founder clubs, local organisations and specialist bodies. The Board will form a social contract with the community for capacity building and fitness activation. The facility will be operated daily by a Social Enterprise, Garon Park Bar Limited (company limited by guarantee) meaning local people employed in management, supervisory, operational and training roles, and a combination of volunteers and activators will use their skills and interest in an outcome focused organisation to ensure deep community penetration.

The Club will be known as the Southendian Club and its Members will be community clubs and stake holder clubs.

Southendian Club has a constitution and set of rules, by which all Members abide.

All of our member clubs commit to Sport Pitch Hire Agreement, which can be downloaded here.


To establish a sustainable centre of excellence for sport and performing arts which benefits the entire South Essex community.


Sports and community club in Southend

The aim is to provide a quality sporting and community environment which meets the needs of participating stakeholders, local sports clubs and the community; this ambition aligns with the ‘Inspire a Generation’ philosophy and the post Olympic Legacy.

The Norman Garon Trust have provided an area of land for the local community to participate in cricket, football, and other sports, together with arts, local enterprise and social activities, which combined will be known as the “Southendian Club”.

The Garon Park Community Interest Company (GPCIC) was incorporated to build and equip a destination facility which brings together stakeholders and established clubs from the Southend community (Members).

At its core the facility will feature a Community Centre to comprise a club room, changing facilities and management offices. The community centre would be known as the “Club House”. Each sporting activity will be played on a performance surface.

The facility will be under pinned with a technology based membership administration system, common rules and a ‘central service’ secretariat providing treasury, administration and secretarial services to Member Clubs.

Garon Park is situated on the borders of three wards, Milton, Kursaal and Victoria, which feature prominently in the UK Index of Multiple Deprivation. GPCIC aims to proactively encourage community programmes with the help of “Activators” who identify pathways into the community to involve individuals with activities at the facility.

GPCIC will interact with Stakeholders, Members and community users to ensure a cohesive and well organised use of the facility.

Stakeholders and Members will provide experience and expertise to newly formed ‘community clubs’ within the GPCIC family and GPCIC will manage a timetable for a range of programmes benefiting the local community, Stakeholders and Members for an optimised use of the facilities.

Southendian Club will operate on a commercially sustainable basis and it is the Members responsibility to budget and physically balance the finances annually.

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